Enjoying A Ticket to Ride

Ticket to rideMy kids are on holiday. It is fun. The only problem is that is winter and it is raining most of the days.
It has been cold for most outdoor activities. So we definitely did not go to the beach. We went a couple of times to play soccer, and a couple of times to ice skate.

The main activity at home was playing on the IPad and watching movies.

Do you ever hear your kids telling you:
“I am bored, what can I do?”

Well my daughter is an expert at those words. She gets bored quickly. And she can sound like a broken record. Unless she is watching videos all day long.

I try to encourage them to go out. I looked for things to do outside the house, but nothing appealed to them.
It was also cold and raining.

So I suggested let’s play Ticket to Ride. My son got Ticket to Ride as a birthday present last November. I think we only played about 6 times.
So I was very pleased when they accepted my proposal.

We started a great game. There was no fighting. Usually they get upset if they lose. But this time they were happy.
My son won, and my daughter came second. I came last.

ticket to ride 2

Ticket to Ride is a great game. My daughter is 6 and she can play it, though the game says for older than 8 years old.
She needs a bit of help, tell her from where to where you need to go.
The game is fun. You get a map, and you need to travel from point A to point B.

It is a fun game. Here is an explanation on how to play ticket to ride.

We spend about two hours playing. At least was two hours away from computers. Although you can play ticket to ride online also.
To be honest I do like the online versions, just because it serves you space.
I moved a couple of times across countries and the less you have the easier the move is.

Having said the above, everything happens on computers and on IPads. It is rear to see kids playing other things.
I am glad I have the board version of Ticket to Ride and that we spend three two hours together playing without touching a computer,

Disorganization is part of being on holiday. Unfortunately I took some photos of our game, but I cannot find them.So you will have to look at the box photo only.

Here is a video also that explains how to play ticket to ride.

What do you do on Winter Holidays with your kids.


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