Salad Bowl with Lid

Salad Bowl with lid

Since I became a vegan I eat salads every day. I take them with me. So when it comes to a salad bowl with lid, I know how convenient and critical they are. You do not want your salad to…


Serving Bowls with Lids

Serving Bowls with lids

I love the convenience of serving bowls with lids. Some of them you can put in the microwave, others in the oven.   Take the to the table to serve, and then back to the fridge (if you have leftovers)…


Soup Bowls with Handles

Soup bowls with lids

I love drinking soup, but what I do not like is burning my fingers. These soup bowls with handles are very convenient. Some of them will allow you to sip your soup while working. No more burnt fingers, and you…